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Systematic Approach To TAX LAWS & Practice [For CS-Exec.] by Dr. Girish Ahuja , Dr. Ravi Gupta

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Publisher : Bharat Law House
ISBN No : 978-93-5139-293-4
No. Of Pages : 920
Edition : 12th Edn., 2015
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About Systematic Approach to TAX LAWS & Practice [For CS-Exec.] Highlights of Amendments made by the Finance Act, 2015 Part A ? Income Tax Chapter 1 Introduction (Sections 1 to 4) Chapter 2 Scope of Total Income & Residential Status (Sections 5 to 9) Chapter 3 Incomes which do not form part of Total Income (Sections 10, 10AA and 11 to 13A) Chapter 3A Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability (Sections 14, 14A, 288A and 288B) Chapter 4 Income under the Head "Salaries" (Sections 15 to 17) Chapter 5 Income under the Head "Income from House Property" (Sections 22 to 27) Chapter 6 Income under the Head "Profits and Gains of Business or Profession" (Sections 28 to 44D) Chapter 7 Income under the Head "Capital Gains" (Sections 45 to 55A) Chapter 8 Income under the Head "Income from Other Sources" (Sections 56 to 59) Chapter 9 Income of Other Persons Included in Assessee's Total Income (Clubbing of Income) (Sections 60 to 65) Chapter 10 Set off or Carry Forward and Set off of Losses (Sections 70 to 80) Chapter 11 Deductions to be made in Computing Total Income [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)] Chapter 12 Agricultural Income & Its Tax Treatment [Sections 2(1A) and 10(1)] Chapter 13 Assessment of Individuals Chapter 14 Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family Chapter 15 Assessment of Firms Chapter 16 Assessment of Association of Persons Chapter 17 Assessment of Co-operative Societies Chapter 18 Assessment of Companies Chapter 19 Taxation of Non-Residents [Chapter XII and XIIA of Income-tax Act] Chapter 20 Deduction of Tax at Source [Sections 190 to 206CA] Chapter 21 Advance Payment of Tax [Sections 207-211, 217 & 219] Chapter 22 Return of Income and Procedure of Assessment [Sections 139 to 154] Chapter 23 Liability in Special Cases [Chapter XV, Sections 159 to 179] Chapter 24 Collection and Recovery of Tax [Sections 156, 220 to 232] Chapter 25 Refunds [Sections 237 to 241] Chapter 26 Appeals and Revision [Sections 246 to 264] Chapter 27 Settlement of cases [Sections 245A to 245L] Chapter 28 Penalties and Prosecutions Chapter 29 Tax Planning and Tax Management Part B ? Wealth Tax Chapter 30 Wealth Tax Part C ? International Taxation Chapter 31 Basic concepts of International Taxation Chapter 32 Double Taxation Relief [Sections 90 to 91] Chapter 33 Transfer Pricing ? Special Provisions Relating to Avoidance of Tax [Chapter X, Sections 92 to 92F, 93 & 94A] Chapter 34 Advance Pricing Agreements Chapter 35 Advance Rulings Part D ? Service Tax, VAT and CST Chapter 36 Service Tax ? Concept and General Principles Chapter 37 Charge of Service Tax Chapter 38 Registration Chapter 39 Valuation of Taxable Services Chapter 40 Payment of Service Tax Chapter 41 Furnishing of Returns of Service Tax Chapter 42 Evaluation of VAT in India and its Justification Chapter 43 Design of State Level VAT Chapter 44 Principles, Variants and Methods of Computation of VAT Chapter 45 General requirement for VAT System Chapter 46 Central Sales Tax Solved Question Paper for C.S. (Exec.) Exams.

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