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Soil Mechanics And Foundations (English) 16th Edition By Dr. B.C. Punmia by Arun Kumar Jain, Ashok Kumar Jain, B. C. Punmia

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Publisher : Laxmi Pub
ISBN No : 9788170087915
Edition : 16th (Publication Year 2005)
Binding : Paperback
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Soil Mechanics and Foundations (English) 16th Edition (Paperback): Soil Mechanics And Foundations is a comprehensive reference and learning resource for civil engineering students. It explains in detail soil characteristics and includes experiments for enhancing the learner’s practical know-how. Summary Of The Book Soil mechanics is an important branch of engineering mechanics applied in civil engineering to predict the behavior of soil. All structures have the same foundation, i.e. earth. Thus, a study of the behavior of its chief component becomes prudent for every civil engineer. Soil Mechanics And Foundations is a must-have for every civil engineering student. It deals with topics beyond soil characteristics, including retaining wall, foundations, and piers. It also discusses stresses due to surface loads, the effect of water on stress conditions, seepage, shear strength, and soil permeability. Theories are explained with in-depth examples and a list of experiments to assist in the learning process. The book includes topics like soil structure and clay mineralogy, earth pressure, shallow foundations, and design of flexible pavement. The book is divided into 34 chapters and eight parts for easier navigation between topics. An updated, accurate, and comprehensive book on soil mechanics is necessary as the safety of structures depends greatly on their foundations. The book helps in presenting the reader with design principles and theories on foundation engineering and soil mechanics. The book can be useful for students pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate courses in soil engineering. Soil Mechanics And Foundations also includes 21 lab experiments. About The Authors B. C. Punmia is an author and former professor. Some of the books written by him include Surveying Vol. II, Building Construction, Water Supply Engineering, and Basic Civil Engineering. Punmia graduated with honours in his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He later worked as an Assistant Professor, Reader, Professor and Dean. He has written over hundred monographs and technical reports and is a highly regarded author who has written eighteen books. He was also the Dean and Head of the Civil Engineering department at M. B. M. Engineering College. Ashok Kumar Jain is a design and field engineer. Some of the books written by him include Surveying Vol. III (Higher Surveying), Reinforced Concrete Structures Vol. II, and Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete. Arun Kumar Jain is an assistant professor at M. B. M. Engineering College’s Civil Engineering department. He has also written books like SMTS - I Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Materials. He holds gold medals at both, his Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Table of Contents PART I: ELEMENTARY PROPERTIES Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Preliminary Definitions and Relationships Chapter 3 - Determination of Index Properties Chapter 4 - Classification of Soils Chapter 5 - Soil Structure and Clay Mineralogy PART II: SOIL HYDRAULICS Chapter 6 - Soil Water : Effective and Neutral Stresses Chapter 7 - Permeability Chapter 8 - Well Hydraulics Chapter 9 - Seepage Analysis Chapter 10 - Seepage Below Hydraulic Structures Chapter 11 - Drainage and Dewatering PART III: ELASTICITY APPLIED TO SOILS Chapter 12 - Elements of Elasticity Chapter 13 - Stress Distribution : I Chapter 14 - Stress Distribution : II PART IV: COMPRESSIBILITY Chapter 15 - One Dimensional Consolidation Chapter 16 - Three Dimensional Consolidation Chapter 17 - Compaction PART V: STRENGTH AND STABILITY Chapter 18 - Shear Strength Chapter 19 - Failure Envelopes Chapter 20 - Earth Pressure Chapter 21 - Bulkheads and Cofferdams Chapter 22 - Shafts, Tunnels and Conduits Chapter 23 - Stability of Slopes PART VI: FOUNDATION ENGINEERING Chapter 24 - Bearing Capacity Chapter 25 - Shallow Foundations Chapter 26 - Pile Foundations Chapter 27 - Well Foundations Chapter 28 - Machine Foundations PART VII: PAVEMENT DESIGN Chapter 29 - Design of Flexible Pavement Chapter 30 - Design of Rigid Pavement Chapter 31 - Stabilisation of Soils PART VIII: MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS Chapter 32 - Site Investigation and Sub-Soil Exploration Chapter 33 - Advanced Measuring Instruments Chapter 34 - Reinforced Earth and Geotextiles.

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