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Publisher : Kiran Prakashan
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SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-II Exam Quantitavie Abilities Arithmetical Ability objective Type SSC COMBIND GRADUATE LEVEL TIER-2 EXAM QUANTITATIVE ABILITIES (ARITHMATICAL ABILITY)-ENGLISH 07 Solved Papers of : SSC SAS exam 27.06.2010, SSC Graduate Level Tier-2 Exams 01.08.2010,04.09.2011,16.09.2012,29.09.2013 & 21.09.2014, FCI Assistant Grade-3 Main Exam 07.04.2013 05 Multiple Choice Question Based on Trigonometry Special Attraction Detailed study Material and solved Objective Question on Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry asked in various Exams Conducted by SSC in 2011-12 on New Syllabus Each Chapter Discussed With Examples 35 Chapters Content SSC combined Graduate Level Tier-2 Exam.21.09.2014 Quantitative Abilities Set-A : SSC Combined Graduate Level-II Exam, 29.09.2013 Set;B SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Exam, 07.04.2013 Number System Simplification LCM & HCF Percentage Average Ratio & Proportion Alligation or Mixture Partnership Discount Simple Intrest Compound Interest Time & Work Cistern & Pipe Work & Wages Time & Distance Train Boat & Stream Races Age Determination Sequence & Series Mensuration Approximate value Data Interpretation Algebra Geometry Triangle Quadrilateral Circle Trignometry Share & Divided Clock Permutation & Combination Probability Miscellaneaous Model Practice Sets Model Practice Set-1 Model Practice Set-2 Model Practice Set-3 Model Practice Set-4 Model Practice Set-5 Model Practice Set-6 Model Practice Set-7 Model Practice Set-8 Model Practice Set-9 Model Practice Set-10 Model Practice Set-11 Model Practice Set-12 Model Practice Set-13 Model Practice Set-14 Model Practice Set-15 Model Practice Set-16 Model Practice Set-17 Model Practice Set-18 Model Practice Set-19 Model Practice Set-20 Solved Paper Set-21 SSC SAS Exam, 27.06.2010 Set-22 SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam, 01.08.2010 Set-23 SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam, 04.09.2011 Set-24 SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam, 16.09.2012 (APPENDIX) (Algebra) Sequence & Series Solved Objective Question on Algebra Asked in Various Exams (e.g. FCI Assistant, Exam) Conducted by SSC in 2011, 2012 on New Syllabus Trigonometry Solved Objective Question on Trigonometry Asked in Various Exams (e.g. FCI Assistant, Exam) Conducted by SSC in 2011, 2012 on New Syllabus Geometry Solved Objective Question on Geometry Asked in Various Exams (e.g. FCI Assistant, Exam) Conducted by SSC in 2011, 2012 on New Syllabus.

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